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Air Liquid Systems Inc

Air Liquid Systems Inc

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About Us

Air Liquid Systems, Inc. was founded in 1979 as an industrial equipment sales office representing Hoffman Air and Filtration Systems. Focused on centrifugal blowers/ exhausters and their applications in liquid filtration, strip drying, landfill gas extraction, general industrial applications, and engineered vacuum systems, in the 1980s Air Liquid Systems, Inc. also began providing design and engineering support to Hoffman.

By 1990 Air Liquid Systems, Inc. began packaging complete strip drying systems, designing and manufacturing the gas and steam heaters, headers, support structures, and interconnecting piping in addition to providing Hoffman blowers.

In 2004, Air Liquid Systems, Inc. entered a license agreement with Hoffman's parent company, Gardner Denver, to manufacture all liquid filtration equipment and accessories under the Hoffman brand name. These include disposable media and endless media vacuum filters, oil skimmers, bowl filters, control panels, and support structures/ access platforms for this equipment.

Hoffman filters have been recognized as an industry leader in coolant filtration since the company was founded in 1908, providing equipment used in the production of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper industries, as well as in the production of automobiles, tractors, airplanes, copper and aluminum wire, steel tube/ pipe, aluminum cans, gasket material, glass beads, and numerous other industrial products.


Hoffman Vacuum Filters for Coolant Filtration, Using Disposable Media
Hoffman Filters: Aluminum Rolling, South Korea
Hoffman Filter: Tube Mill, Indiana USA
Hoffman Filters: Steel Rolling, China
Hoffman Filter: Special Design Including 304SS for Gasket Production, Buffalo, NY
Hoffman Filter: Compact Design for Grinding/ Machining Application
Hoffman Oil Skimmer
Hoffman Oil Filter: 25 to 100 GPM
Hoffman Cartridge Filter Element
Hoffman Disc Filter Element

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