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About Us

We all know we live in era of information overload. This is an age where there is arguably more news coverage than ever before, but quality is questionable due to it being laced with bias and a focus on ratings and revenue rather than accuracy and objectivity. GOAL Magazine is the answer to this increasingly frustrating concern as it provides valuable content provided by various entrepreneurs, professionals, and community leaders to help the general public see the road through the fog of misinformation.

It is time that we demonstrate the ambition to break out of the more known and corporate powered news cycles to look for context, insight, plain-old sincerity, truth, and well-intended purpose. We will strive to offer both meaningful and deliberate content driven by the years of experience, education, and knowledge of some of our areas most respected representatives of their fields. We will at times be opinionated but never partisan, and we hope to bring readers perspective, not more punditry. We aspire to provoke and inspire, never to bore, suppress, or lecture. And we hope you will soon come to rely on GOAL Magazine as a beacon of resourcefulness and intrigue and your most valued source of information.

GOAL Magazine’s commitment reaches beyond education and information to also philanthropic endeavors in our communities.

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